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Her Dictionary

This work began as a collection of my grandmother's words to document my memories of her as she passed away. Every word comes with a small description, which balances the common definition of the word and memories of my grandmother through her way of talking and word choices

These short descriptions have similarities with the set-up of a dictionary.  For the arrangement of the words, I followed, like dictionaries, an alphabetical order. The book acts as a portrait of her. We know words in their existing and often fixed forms, but their definition is malleable and mutable to serve as pointers to define what we witness daily. 

In this way, this work also portrays the metamorphosis of words that we appropriate and reshape by sharing and linking them to moments and to people we speak them.

The work stems from an assignment in editorial class, in which we experimented with text and researched the different shapes a piece of text could be. 

Starting the process of just writing down the words that reminded me of my grandmother and then defining their meaning through my memories made the words shift from public to very personal, and back.

Sterre Pomper Studio

Care Design LAB

Louwesweg 6

1066 EC Amsterdam

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