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Artist statement

As an artist, I am drawn to archives as a source of inspiration for storytelling. The preservation, accumulation, sorting, and cataloguing processes make the structure of the ‘archive’ inherently incomplete and always open to new interpretations.


Through my work, I build on an archive not rooted in reality but one that thrives on found images and the framing of ephemeral moments. The archive, seen as a repository of information, contributes to the construction of what we perceive as truth. It reflects a tangible past: its position is concrete and radiates untouchability and authority. It forms a material basis for a collective memory and a shared identity. 

By appropriating and using found material, another possible reality that had been pushed out of sight becomes visible.


My work explores these narratives through the lens of textile techniques, particularly quilting and printing. Techniques that prioritise the use of recycled and repurposed materials, combined with the process of storytelling through writing create a visual and textual object that interweaves different stories and perspectives.


Through my work, I explore relationships between people, places, and time in different forms: an installation supported by notes, letters, photographs, quilts and furniture. All serve as metaphors for memory processes, and create a fictional work infused with imaginary characters, whether or not inspired by real events.


Ultimately, my work is a reflection on the power of stories and how they shape our understanding of the world around us.

Sterre Pomper Studio

Care Design LAB

Louwesweg 6

1066 EC Amsterdam


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