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Blueprint Archive

An archive that is not rooted in reality, but thrives on found images and the framing of ephemeral moments. It is an attempt to contribute to the collective memory and shared identity of the queer community.

An important part of the visual research for my graduation project from the Rietveld Academy 

The blueprint has acquired a metaphorical meaning, referring on the one hand to the use of the cyanotype, a form of photography and documentation, but also to the use of reproducing a construction plan, an idea, a form.

The works take different forms: an installation supported by notes, letters, photographs, quilts and prints. The collection of work is a metaphor for memory processes, and takes you into a fictional world infused with imaginary characters, whether or not inspired by real events.

Selected from the Blueprint Archive

Sterre Pomper Studio

Care Design LAB

Louwesweg 6

1066 EC Amsterdam


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